Grain-free feed
Grain-free feed
Grain-free feed
Grain-free feed
Grain-free feed
Grain-free feed

Grain-free feed

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WILDFANG® produces high-quality food for dogs and stands out for its particularly natural products. At WILDFANG® you will not only find high-quality dog ​​meals, but also chewing products made from antlers and leather.

Small treats for training are a highlight because they prevent the dog from having a too full stomach during training sessions. Natural products without grains are particularly easy for dogs to digest and offer added nutritional value compared to industrially produced food.

The chewing products also help the dog's teeth and combat boredom.

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Self-assurance through stress-free leadership

The challenges that small dogs have to deal with in the huge environment in everyday dog ​​life can be de-stressed with STURMFREI®.

Attention to detail

STURMFREI®'s construction is individually tailored to different dog sizes. Material width and thickness are specifically selected to meet the physiological needs of the breed.

Designed and produced in Germany for the world.


Dogs want to conquer the world, play, sniff. To ensure that you are not restricted as much, STURMFREI® is designed to be particularly light and efficient. This also prevents the restriction caused by the leash from triggering further resistance and frustration in the dog. STURMFREI® only works on the necessary pressure points (shoulders) and only when the line is pulled. Dogs also sleep in the basket with it.


Our patent is characterized by the possibility of positioning the front strap optimally depending on the shoulder height. Because that is the decisive factor: not too low so that it does not restrict the dog and not too high so that the optimal point for conveying the stop signal when the leash is tensioned is communicated.

Geschirr mit Vorderring

Our webbing made from BioThane® is one of the world's most tear-resistant webbings. The US patent impresses with its leather look (plastic-coated webbing). It can hold up to 1000 kg of centrifugal force. Other materials used: Shatterproof stainless steel, particularly robust closers (down to -20 degrees) and chrome-plated carabiners (anti-allergenic).


"It works! And it's not magic, it's physics! My Malinois from animal welfare pulled like a pony. She also has a very strong prey drive. So I've had a bad fall several times, even though
it's not my first time. The dog school's training method only brought about a short-term improvement because the cutie wasn't responsive at all because of her excitement. With the Sturmfrei harness it doesn't move up as much anymore
and is therefore responsive to training for the first time!

"I received the dishes yesterday. I'm sooo
happy . After 6 years pulling on the leash and umpteen
Trying to train my dog ​​now goes without it
pulling and tugging with me for a walk. It did immediately
functions . Can only recommend it to everyone.
Thank you for this great dog harness"

"I got my second storm free today, I'm super happy after years of tossing around, my dog ​​has been completely relaxed for 2 years, I've already recommended it to others and ordered one for friends who are also happy! Thank you for the thoughts you've put into it a great product, top material (easy to clean even when swimming or dirty and it doesn't have to dry) material after 2 years exactly the same as on the first day only slightly softer but holds up great! Technology as I said great, once it fits the rest works on our own, we didn't need any training phase!"


Read more about the experiences of our existing customers here .

Also take a look at our submitted before and after videos . By clicking on the YouTube button at the bottom right of the preview you will be directed to our YouTube channel and can read an explanation below the video.

React calmly

Redirect instead of escalating

Redirect your dog in a relaxed manner when a change of direction needs to take place (e.g. if another dog appears that causes fear). Contact your dog appropriately.

Payment options

With us you can pay in many ways. At the request of many customers, we are also maintaining the non-digital solution via advance payment.


Orders are shipped within 1-4 days with DPD or German Post. You will receive a shipment tracking link and status updates by email.


If you would like to cancel or exchange the goods, you can do so within the first 14 days. We do not throw away discarded goods, but rather go to animal welfare.