We are looking for support


The canine companion is looking for support.

The dog companion is a company founded in 2014 that produces and sells the patented STURMFREI® dog harness. Due to growing demand, we are looking for support in the areas of production and shipping.

Your tasks are:

  • Preparation of the material cuts and insertion of the elements
  • Finalization of the products (screws, labels)
  • Shipping the product (export orders using Excel, adjust the list, print it out, print shipping labels using the shipping tool, pack packages and hand them over to shipping service providers)
  • Proactive maintenance of inventory and checking of inventory
  • Deliver goods mail parcels
  • Answer emails about shipping questions

Must haves:

  • Proactive way of working
  • Good communication skills
  • Concentrated work
  • High ability to self-organize
  • Excel basics (filtering, sorting, printing)
  • Thorough work
  • Skilled craftsmanship

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of English
  • Enjoy answering the phone and answering questions about the right size (after a training period)
  • Talent for sewing

The job has a scope of work of 30-40 hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), which can be discussed individually. Interest in the work tasks is required. The workplace is in Meerbusch.

It is not necessary to have had a dog, but you should have a basic understanding of dogs. A professional form of application is required. Please indicate your salary expectations and the number of hours. Due to the nature of the task, working from home is not possible.

Linen belly belt CHILL + leash CHILL (BioThane®)Linen belly belt CHILL + leash CHILL (BioThane®)Linen belly belt CHILL + leash CHILL (POP band)CHILL dog leash made of BioThane®/POP tapeHABDICH safety handle


Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

Guide your dog in the cleavage area and take the lead.

To the anti-stress tableware STURMFREI® For dog leashes RATZFATZ & Co.

What customers say

"I am very stunned:
- it is relaxing for the dog and for me - he walks more upright
than with the “pull harness” - the leash and also the harness
is so light thanks to the material. […] I like to do it […]
fertile ground falls, gladly advertising.”

"3 days of more relaxed going out with my dog. Berry. The applications I learned from the dog training are now much easier for me to implement. Not only does it say anti-pull harness, but there is also one inside - that's the subtle difference and I know it what I'm talking about (smile).


"What's also really great was the immediate changes in cycling after ours
Phone call last week. [...] so I like Clover a lot more
He left space and a leash while riding his bike and he didn't pull away from the bike but rather
walked easily alongside. [...] now that Clover has more freedom of movement, things are also more relaxed when someone else
Dog comes close."

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