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    The world of dogs is colorful.
    As an owner, it is difficult to find the best products in the jungle of all the offers.
    Here you will find our recommendations.

    Appropriate to the species

    The joy of dogs

    Fun, nature, good food and the right guidance are just as important for our four-legged friends as they are for us humans. With our products we support the dog's quality of life. Made in Germany.

    Anti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size XXSAnti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size XSAnti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size SAnti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size S for powerhousesAnti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size M


    Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

    Patented technology for easier handling on the leash. Made in Germany.

    Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI® Dog leashes BioThane®/ POP

    What customers report

    It's really hard to believe! I've been out and about with "SAM" and the new Sturmfrei a few times, it's almost magical. I can now hold the leash with two fingers. From one hour to the next it doesn't move at all.
    Before, with the "pulling harness" he wheezed and pulled,
    pure stress for us and for him. Even dog training didn't help. Today my daughter was on the walk, she asks for an explanation because she can't believe it, there must be a catch. Does the harness have an psychological or physical effect on the dog? We feel relieved and can enjoy the dog and the landscape."

    Is that supposed to be the solution?
    laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- it's the solution. [...] Then we did the first training in-house, as recommended
    and then went out the door braver than ever before. At first he was visibly irritated
    that he is now led from the front, otherwise his chest harness was the entry point to the absolute
    Duel between our forces, absolutely annoying. Then we walked up and down the street.
    The Sturmfrei tableware is simply great!!! He's great at making the little corrections
    accepted and since then we have definitely not gone for a walk without this harness.


    "...And now I really can't believe it, it's like we
    have another dog! With Strumfrei he is completely relaxed
    on a leash when he
    but once you pull briefly, it immediately withdraws itself!!!
    And even jogging with a jogging belt and harness
    works perfectly! That wasn't possible before,
    because he pulled even more at speed!!!" We recommend the harness to everyone because we never thought there could be such a simple solution! Relaxed walking on a leash is such a huge added value for us, it even works now really fun!!! Thank you so much for this great tableware!!!"

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