Bauchgürtel CHILL - BioThane®/POP - Band

Belly belt CHILL - BioThane®/POP - band



    Run relaxed with the lead from the front

    Attach your dog to the STURMFREI® at the front and thread longer leashes through the carabiner at the back. When the leash is pulled, the dog is braked at the front to shoulder height.



    I just wanted to say thank you [..] very much. The dishes
    arrived yesterday [...] It no longer pulls and you can go along with it in a relaxed manner
    take her for a walk. If only I had discovered the dishes earlier, we would have
    saves a lot. Thank you very much and keep it up.

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    He sniffed a lot more [...] and when you pulled on the harness a little, he stopped immediately. [...] Cash walked at heel, normally he lies down on the floor and waits. The Lab is completely relaxed. [...] normally he is at 180. Now [...] he is tired, exhausted, satisfied.

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    Retired rodeo star

    Then from the third day onwards, the switch was flipped, as if I was walking a lamb. The most incredible thing is that the leash even "sags" when I walk, that has never happened before! Even with the 20-metre leash, he now knows his limits and no longer drags me across the field.

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    No-Pull-Geschirr Jack Russell
    Biothane Hundegeschirr klein
    Frontring Hundegeschirr
    Hund an Leine gewöhnen
    Fronthalterung Hund
    STURMFREI Geschirr Braun
    Sicherheitsgeschirr XXS
    Anti-Zug-Geschirr Pudel
    weisses Hundegeschirr Biothane
    Anti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size XS
    Anti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size XS

    Anti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size XS

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    Product add-on (10% discount in the set with dog leash)

    Your dog pulls, barks, freaks out on the leash or doesn't want to go for a walk anymore?

    Experience a new dog walking experience. Release him from triggers that increase his excitement and steer him toward you as soon as the leash becomes taut.

    Lead the dog from the front instead of punishing him by jerking his neck or putting him in a chase by leading him from the back. See how your dog walks more calmly and upright on the leash.

    The pressure on the shoulder when the line is tightened provokes a distraction and makes it possible Dog to turn to where his attention should be directed. Dog encounters can be de-escalated in this way and be interrupted. For example, say "grapefruit" when you turn the dog towards you and he comes towards you. This makes it child's play to retrieve it even when freewheeling or on a longer leash by the expression "grapefruit" (choose an expression that is different from common words the dog hears).

    The leadership from the front:

    • Corresponds to biologically created stimulus-response chains for standing or steering (communication via the front area)
    • Allows the dog to continue to stay upright instead of stiffening up
    • Reduces the risk of Leash aggression and biting
    • Gently slows the dog down by the shoulder when the leash is tightened does not convey a feeling of strong threat (Collar)
    • Allows dog encounters to be interrupted stress-free by turning away
    • Does not trigger the hunt (chest harnesses/pull harnesses) and does not narrow the dog's field of perception - the dog is responsive
    • Can have a positive effect on health (less stress symptoms due to decreasing tension on the leash when tightened)
    • Supports the dog's socialization and the development of a healthy dog ​​personality with social skills towards other dogs

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      Sturmfrei® is protected by the EU trademark EUTM 013790241 registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and by the European patent EP 3 209 120


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