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What customers say

"..wanted to give a short feedback: We are thrilled! Our 1 1/2 year old German Pinscher immediately stopped pulling on the leash completely!"

"I can meet running cats or rabbits hopping out of the grass in front of us [...] I have my 70 kg Newfoundland under control."

"He has become sooo much more relaxed and our leash communication is top notch! [...] and our darling is extremely relaxed for a Malinois!"

"Hello, my harness arrived today...what can I say? My 6 month old puppy walks great on a leash 😍"

"We've been able to achieve so much with your harness. Starting with keeping your arm on when you go for a walk, to the leash work, which has gotten so much better since it arrived."

Anti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size XXSAnti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size XSAnti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size SAnti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size S for powerhousesAnti-stress harness STURMFREI®, size M


Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

Lead your dog from the front, brake him at shoulder height when pulling and redirect him. Give your dog and yourself a relaxed walking experience.

About the STURMFREI® dog harness To our dog leashes RATZFATZ, FERNWEH & CHILL

Leash training for professionals

Do you want your dog to walk calmly and relaxed on the leash?

Say goodbye to violence and enjoy relaxed walks with your dog. Our patented STURMFREI® makes leash training child's play.

Scientifically based - proven thousands of times since 2014 - can massively improve your dog's health and quality of life .

Patented since 2014.

Made in Germany

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Braking and redirecting

By being guided from the front, the dog receives resistance at shoulder height as soon as tension comes on the leash. The dog does not develop any leash aggression and is not put into the hunt (usual chest harnesses).

Hund der an der Leine zieht
Hund mit Geschirr für Leinenführigkeit
Ridgeback im Geschirr zur Leinenführigkeit
Leinenführigkeit über Hundetraining und Geschirr
Bei-Fuss Halsband
Hundegeschirr um Hundebegegnungen zu erleichtern
Bequemes Hundegeschirr für Kommunikation mit Hund
Hund das Ziehen abgewöhnen
Biothane Hundegeschirr in schwarz
Schäferhund an Leine führen
Anti-stress harness STURMFREI® - size XL
Anti-stress harness STURMFREI® - size XL
Anti-stress harness STURMFREI® - size XL
Anti-stress harness STURMFREI® - size XL
Anti-stress harness STURMFREI® - size XL

Anti-stress harness STURMFREI® - size XL

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Your dog pulls, barks, freaks out on the leash or doesn't want to go for a walk anymore?

Experience a new dog walking experience. Release him from triggers that increase his excitement and steer him toward you as soon as the leash becomes taut.

Lead the dog from the front instead of punishing him by jerking his neck or putting him in a chase by leading him from the back. See how your dog walks more calmly and upright on the leash.

The pressure on the shoulder when the line is tightened provokes a distraction and makes it possible Dog to turn to where his attention should be directed. Dog encounters can be de-escalated in this way and be interrupted. For example, say "grapefruit" when you turn the dog towards you and he comes towards you. This makes it child's play to retrieve it even when freewheeling or on a longer leash by the expression "grapefruit" (choose an expression that is different from common words the dog hears).

The leadership from the front:

  • Corresponds to biologically created stimulus-response chains for standing or steering (communication via the front area)
  • Allows the dog to continue to stay upright instead of stiffening up
  • Reduces the risk of Leash aggression and biting
  • Gently slows the dog down by the shoulder when the leash is tightened does not convey a feeling of strong threat (Collar)
  • Allows dog encounters to be interrupted stress-free by turning away
  • Does not trigger the hunt (chest harnesses/pull harnesses) and does not narrow the dog's field of perception - the dog is responsive
  • Can have a positive effect on health (less stress symptoms due to decreasing tension on the leash when tightened)
  • Supports the dog's socialization and the development of a healthy dog ​​personality with social skills towards other dogs

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    Sturmfrei® is protected by the EU trademark EUTM 013790241 registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and by the European patent EP 3 209 120

    Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

    Playing around, running and walking relaxed on a leash without constant trains .

    Give yourself and your dog space and joy of life.

    Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

    Why dogs pull on the leash


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    Also take a look at our submitted before and after videos . On our YouTube channel you will find an explanation under the respective video.

    Socializing and accompanying dogs

    Learning to read dogs

    How do dogs perceive the world? How do they learn social skills? How do they become self-confident and stay fit into old age? You will learn all of this in the weekly coaching for canine companions.

    Become a dog socialization expert


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