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Patent & property rights

The development of STURMFREI® and its recognition as a trademark and patent was and is a time-consuming process. Likewise, the explanations of how it works are so specific because we have studied it intensively.

Due to the success of the STURMFREI® construction, there are now some imitators who want to benefit from the research and developments. We are now taking legal action against these people.

The same applies when adopting explanations or specific methods of explanation that come from our copyright. Never before has the function of front guidance been explained as explicitly and clearly as it is separated from the usual manner of guidance from the back or at the neck, as we do.

All sales generated through the sale of a product that violates our protection claims must be disclosed and paid to us in full.

STURMFREI® is protected by the EU trademark EUTM 013790241 registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and by the European patent EP 3 209 120

STURMFREI® is protected by the EU trademark EUTM 013790241 registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as well as by the European patent EP 3 209 120

If you have any questions about intellectual property rights, please contact:

Ring & Weisbrodt
Patentgesellschaft Mbh

High Street 33
40213 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 211 159269-0
Fax: +49 211 159269-11

Linen belly belt CHILL + leash CHILL (BioThane®)Linen belly belt CHILL + leash CHILL (POP band)CHILL dog leash made of BioThane®/POP tapeHABDICH safety handleCarabiner hook - climbing carabiner made of stainless steel


Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

Guide your dog in the cleavage area and take the lead.

To the anti-stress tableware STURMFREI® For dog leashes RATZFATZ & Co.

What customers say

"I am very stunned:
- it is relaxing for the dog and for me - he walks more upright
than with the “pull harness” - the leash and also the harness
is so light thanks to the material. […] I like to do it […]
fertile ground falls, gladly advertising.”

"3 days of more relaxed going out with my dog. Berry. The applications I learned from the dog training are now much easier for me to implement. Not only does it say anti-pull harness, but there is also one inside - that's the subtle difference and I know it what I'm talking about (smile).


"What's also really great was the immediate changes in cycling after ours
Phone call last week. [...] so I like Clover a lot more
He left space and a leash while riding his bike and he didn't pull away from the bike but rather
walked easily alongside. [...] now that Clover has more freedom of movement, things are also more relaxed when someone else
Dog comes close."