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Linen chaos

For many dogs, the “teasing” they receive when the leash is tightened is so stressful that they are just trying to deal with it. Leash walking is then not possible despite training. With the collar on, the dog is busy trying to escape the pull on its neck; with the harness on, the dog is put on the run and struggles with the contradiction of rushing forward and not doing so due to the owner's verbal request. By leading from the front, both factors are eliminated and the dog has more space to perceive commands and speech from the owner.

Relax anxious dogs

Because the walk is more relaxing for the dog with the STURMFREI®, many dogs sleep deeper and more peacefully after going for a walk with the STURMFREI®. Many already frightened dogs no longer refuse to walk, but enjoy going for a walk again. If the pressure on the neck is gone or the dog is not chased using the usual harness, then he will be more rested and relaxed after the walk. Many dogs then sleep very deeply and often on their backs. Dogs who often act up AFTER a walk often stop the behavior completely after one or more walks with STURMFREI®.

Reaction changes

Stay standing instead of lying down. Look instead of barking. Sleep instead of scurrying around in a state of excitement. Curiosity instead of attention. Go wild again at home instead of looking lethargic. Customers also report losing their dog’s excess weight. The effects of removing the collar/chest harness and leading from the front are diverse and clearly show us what the reduction in stress can bring about on many different levels.

What they have in common: They follow the stress relief that the dog experiences when walking with STURMFREI®.


In many cases, the dog is so busy with the signals from the collar and harness that it is not possible to keep his attention while on a leash. With STURMFREI®, many triggers that the dog's brain tries to avoid are eliminated. The dog becomes more aware of its owner again and is more trainable.

From 100 to 0

In some cases, it is only the collar or harness that encourages the dog to pull. This can only be determined when you lead the dog from the front. Then the dog is suddenly completely relaxed. Our customers are often speechless at first. This is the norm for dogs that are generally relaxed and have passed their Sturm und Drang phase.

Leash aggressors

Many dogs who have developed massive aggression come to us. In this case it was the hired dog sitter. Here, due to learned stimulus-reaction chains, it can take a longer time for the dog to become less upset. Utilization, the owner's behavior (tension) and the possibility of social interaction also influence dog behavior. Walks in nature, away from the urban hustle and bustle, help the dog to ground himself.

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Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

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