STURMFREI® - What does it do?

STURMFREI® - Was tut es?

The STURMFREI® anti-stress harness belongs to the class of front harnesses/front harnesses.

The front belt is used to brake and redirect the dog without any effort.

What is the difference to standard chest harnesses and collars?

In contrast to chest harnesses, which are used in dog sports to motivate dogs to pull, front harnesses are not suitable for increasing the excitement inside the dog and increasing the pulling on the leash.

The lead harness does not incite the dog to pull like chest harnesses do (hooking the leash on the back) and does not use threats to deter the dog from such behavior (collar). Leash aggression, which often results from the dog pulling on their neck or pulling their body backwards when encountering other dogs, is not encouraged. Leash communication is stress-free for dogs at STURMFREI® and therefore de-escalating.

For which dogs is the front walk suitable?

Lead harnesses are used for communication with everyday dogs who are confronted with strange dogs every day and therefore have to demonstrate strong social skills (tolerance that other dogs are in the territory). No protective behavior can be trained with lead harnesses, as the lack of threat posed by a collar makes this almost impossible. Front harnesses are also not suitable for hunting and pulling tasks, as they do not motivate the dog to pull by leading from the front and slow the dog down to shoulder height with the front strap.

What sets STURMFREI® apart from the front harnesses?

STURMFREI® is Europe's first lead harness and the result of a rethink based on the most advanced solutions and taking into account the subtleties of interpreting how dogs learn and understand. STURMFREI® is made from high-quality materials in Germany. In addition to the function and quality of the product, we also pay attention to an attractive design. The weight, width and thickness of the material are selected according to the physical characteristics of dogs of different sizes. The front strap of the dog guide is height adjustable. At the optimal height, the dog is slowed down at the bio-pressure points (shoulders) when the leash is tightened and can be trained non-violently using eye contact and commands.

STURMFREI® is protected by the EU trademark EUTM 013790241 registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and by the European patent EP 3 209 120

STURMFREI® is protected by the EU trademark EUTM 013790241 registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as well as by the European patent EP 3 209 120

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