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About Us

The dog companion is a company founded in 2014 with its headquarters in Meerbusch (NRW, Rhineland). The dog companion team produces and sells the STURMFREI® anti-stress harness all over the world. In addition to STURMFREI®, we produce and sell other accessories that meet the challenges of everyday dog ​​life. We focus primarily on our own creations, which are intended to make life with dogs easier for both dog and owner by continually expanding our wealth of experience.

STURMFREI® is patented in 11 countries.

The company was founded by Nina Bednarz (MA)

We would like to thank our customers over the last few years.

Socialization & Education

Nina Bednarz (Magister Artium) studied communication sciences and sociology with a focus on socialization, learning behavior and interaction.

Growing up in two cultures, she developed an early interest in the areas of interaction and behavior in social spaces, as well as information processing and personality development. She traveled the world, learned different languages, and learned how different socialization experiences controlled fears, behavior, and impulses in interaction.

When life changed
Dog growth

With the addition of her beagle lady "Mrs. Maya" to the family, she was faced with the challenge of providing her dog with the framework for the development of a healthy and self-confident adult dog identity under unnatural conditions. She quickly realized that the methods of classic dog training (punishing, tugging and choking) only increased the dog's resistance. So she decided to test her knowledge of socialization and learning behavior in dogs and act accordingly.

Let dogs learn

With the concept of socializing instead of pulling, Ms. Maya developed into a healthy, self-confident and socially competent dog lady. Two years later, Ms. Maya took over the task of socializing Mr. Willi, who completed the family. Both dogs are socially competent on and off leash, understand and speak dog language very well and can easily interact with dogs of all sizes.

Today the lady and the gentleman are 13 and 9.5 years old and still love to race along the Rhine.

Growth 2023

The canine companion now also sells its products across European borders. The overwhelming success and customer feedback are triggering new projects: In addition to several partner programs, an online portal is also being planned, which will provide knowledge about the learning behavior, socialization and communication of dogs.

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Linen belly belt CHILL + leash CHILL (BioThane®)Linen belly belt CHILL + leash CHILL (BioThane®)Linen belly belt CHILL + leash CHILL (POP band)CHILL dog leash made of BioThane®/POP tapeHABDICH safety handle


Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

Guide your dog in the cleavage area and take the lead.

To the anti-stress tableware STURMFREI® For dog leashes RATZFATZ & Co.

Experiences of our customers

"I am very stunned:
- it is relaxing for the dog and for me - he walks more upright
than with the “pull harness” - the leash and also the harness
is so light thanks to the material. […] I like to do it […]
fertile ground falls, gladly advertising.”

"3 days of more relaxed going out with my dog. Berry. The applications I learned from the dog training are now much easier for me to implement. Not only does it say anti-pull harness, but there is also one inside - that's the subtle difference and I know it what I'm talking about (smile).


"What's also really great was the immediate changes in cycling after ours
Phone call last week. [...] so I like Clover a lot more
He left space and a leash while riding his bike and he didn't pull away from the bike but rather
walked easily alongside. [...] now that Clover has more freedom of movement, things are also more relaxed when someone else
Dog comes close."