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Stress-free communication through front leadership
Original & Saver
Anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®

STURMFREI® - The original
This variant is the original variant of our anti-pull harness: It consists of a front strap (BioThane®) and a waist strap (BioThane® or POP band). It gives the dog the feeling that he is carrying little on his body and is less restricted. At the same time, it slows him down at the front when pulling and makes it easier to understand when changing direction.

To the anti-stress harness STURMFREI® - The original

This variant contains an additional abdominal belt (POP abdominal belts) and is the classic for training dogs that react with a strong escape reflex on a leash. It supports the resocialization of the dog with appropriate training.

To the anti-stress tableware STURMFREI®-Saver


Leash walking and freedom

STURMFREI® is designed so that the dog can also run around and run around. The pulling stop at the shoulder only occurs when the leash is tightened.

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Run relaxed with the lead from the front

Attach your dog to the STURMFREI® at the front and thread longer leashes through the carabiner at the back. When the leash is pulled, the dog is braked at the front to shoulder height.



I just wanted to say thank you [..] very much. The dishes
arrived yesterday [...] It no longer pulls and you can go along with it in a relaxed manner
take her for a walk. If only I had discovered the dishes earlier, we would have
saves a lot. Thank you very much and keep it up.

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He sniffed a lot more [...] and when you had a little pull on the harness, he immediately stopped. [...] Cash walked, normally he lies on the floor and waits. Labbi is completely relaxed. [...] normally he's at 180. Now he's tired, flat, satisfied.

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Retired rodeo star

"Then from the third day onwards, the switch was as if I was taking a lamb for a walk. The most incredible thing is that the leash even "sags" while walking, something that has never happened before! He now knows it well even with the 20 meter drag line its border and no longer drags me across the field."

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