Questions about dogs on a leash - basics

Fragen zum Hund an der Leine - Grundsätzliches

How do I train my dog ​​NOT to bite the leash?

Your dog is biting the leash because the leash is restricting him. A dog bites the leash particularly often when the dog is wearing a collar, as the pressure against the soft tissues of the neck is threatening to him. If you lead with a front harness, he is much less provoked and will usually stop biting.

What can I do if my dog ​​behaves on the leash?

First of all, in such a case you should definitely refrain from walking the dog on a collar. The collar reinforces the experience of the neck being tightened when another dog comes. This leads to the connection: Another dog = threat. In their own territory, it is important that dogs get to know each other and “chat” with each other from time to time. Because they share it together. This also works easiest with a front harness/front harness.

Why does my dog ​​just nip another dog?

When dogs do this when running freely, it usually happens when they are “playing catch” and one dog is then asking the other dog to “let them go”. Basically, you can interpret this as “stopping” or being annoyed because the nipping dog can’t keep up with the other one. There are breeds that use this particularly frequently, such as greyhounds. This usually resolves with age. On a leash, this can have to do with aggression triggered by the collar.

What do I do if another dog bites mine?

If a dog actually bites (and not just warns or corrects) then you need to intervene to make your dog feel safe. Biting is more likely to occur on collars and chest harnesses (due to stress) than on lead harnesses. In an acute situation you have to act with your knee. So push/push the other dog away and stand in front of your dog. Don't put your hands or face in between them.

How do you get rid of leash aggression?

With lead harnesses, patience, redirection and resolution of the trained aggression. In difficult cases the process can take up to 6 months. In general, dogs avoid violence if they can.

How do you get your dog to ignore other dogs?

This is only possible through violence and dragging away. Healthy dogs will always be interested in seeing who crosses their path (decreases with age, like humans). Especially in the area, the dog wants to know who is out and about. The more you pull dogs away from other dogs, the more likely they are to become leash aggressive.

Can you train out leash aggression?

Yes, with leadership from the front, redirection, patience and composure.