Dog training “Basics in individual supervision”
Dog training “Basics in individual supervision”

Dog training “Basics in individual supervision”

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In an intensive coaching session for your dog, you will not only be taken care of professionally but also personally. With a scientific perspective on dogs and their learning behavior, perspectives emerge that are new to most people. Experience dog training in a new dimension and find long-sought solutions for yourself and your dog.

During coaching , we look at the dog in terms of natural development phases up to its adult personality and understand why your dog reacts the way it does. This goes into depth.

The “Basics” program is about your individual situation. Together we look at where the problems lie and what measures can be taken to solve them for your dog.

In a joint meeting lasting several hours, we go through the situation, general conditions and experiences that have created the current situation. You will not only receive clear insights, but also concrete opportunities to change the situation yourself. Experience has shown that just one session leads to strong changes and leads to the following feedback from our customers: "I have to think about that, these things are so logical and clear. But I've never seen it like that before."

Please feel free to tell us afterwards what has changed for you and what prospects arise for you. Coaching often not only has unimaginable effects on the relationship with the dog , but also leads to deeper changes in our clients themselves.

Since places are limited, we always offer a preliminary discussion to find out whether the program is right for you.

Please arrange an appointment in our calendar .

What requirements should you bring with you?
- 2-4 hours in peace, without disturbances
- the opportunity to rest afterwards and sleep undisturbed
- Trust in your intuition or find your interest back in yours
- a good feeling when booking (response)

Here you can find our calendar . After entering, you will receive an email with preparatory questions for our first conversation together.

We look forward to seeing you!

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One thing can be helpful to us when dealing with dogs: seeing the world from the dog's eyes. If we want to achieve behavioral changes, we must first understand how the dog thinks and how it looks at the world. This is how we understand how to react and get what we want.

Behavioral research
A relaxed dog

Why is the dog pulling on the leash? Why is he so upset at the station? Why doesn't he want what I want? Why does my dog ​​react like this?

The love for one's own dog is great and owners are often torn between instructions to pull and push their dog and the feeling that this is not good for both parties.

One thing is always important: the dog always reacts in the way that is logical for him. By understanding him, we can create something new: the relaxed dog.

To the canned

Socialization research addresses the question: How does a mammal come into being and how does a fetus become an adult, mature personality? In addition to aspects of obedience, the focus is on: How does the brain learn? How does it process experiences and deal with them? What consequences do which framework conditions bring with them?

With the goal of a long and healthy life among strangers of different races and people, the requirements for achieving this are also different than in livestock farming. This is why classic dog training often fails.

The difference

The main focus in classic dog training is on the following factors:
- Obedience

However, the following have no relevance:
- Health of the animal
- Lifespan
- Life quality
- social skills (peacefulness)
- independent conflict resolution

In the coaching you will learn why problems arise when we treat dogs that were not bred for livestock in the same way as those (police dogs, hunting dogs, livestock guard dogs). The general conditions and expectations of our everyday dogs are different . Accordingly, we have to act differently.

Changing times

More and more people are attaching importance to good health and healthy social behavior towards strange dogs . The classic training of breaking the dog using brute force is contrary to an intimate relationship with the dog. Today, the goal of many owners is for their dog to orientate themselves and obey them, but also to get along well with other dogs, to enjoy interacting with the environment and to be relaxed and healthy. Canine socialization research stands for paving this path.

Let's go

During coaching we discuss your individual situation and that of your dog. You will learn how things are from your dog's perspective and you will receive the tools you need to achieve your goals with your dog. You will learn how the brain learns and what the dog needs in order to be relaxed when interacting with others and to carry out tasks. You will also understand where boundaries are needed on your part and how to implement them . The explanations are easy for you to understand and you can start using them now .


Authoritarian or laissez-faire? Let the dog do everything or sometimes react strictly ? In our coaching you will learn the finer points.

Our methods are based on nature . This means that we base ourselves on how dogs learn in nature through peers and life experience. We also address breed and gender-specific aspects that are ignored in classic dog training. Because a male dog is not the same as a female dog and for a dog, not all owners are the same.

Look forward to completely new insights!


"It works! And it's not magic, it's physics! My Malinois from animal welfare pulled like a pony. She also has a very strong prey drive. So I've had a bad fall several times, even though
it's not my first time. The dog school's training method only brought about a short-term improvement because the cutie wasn't responsive at all because of her excitement. With the Sturmfrei harness it doesn't move up as much anymore
and is therefore responsive to training for the first time!

"I received the dishes yesterday. I'm sooo
happy . After 6 years pulling on the leash and umpteen
Trying to train my dog ​​now goes without it
pulling and tugging with me for a walk. It did immediately
functions. Can only recommend it to everyone.
Thank you for this great dog harness!"

"I got my second storm free today, I'm super happy after years of messing around, my dog ​​has been completely relaxed for 2 years, I've already recommended it to others and ordered one for friends who are also happy! Thank you for the thought you've put into it is a great product, top material (easy to clean even when swimming or dirty and it doesn't have to dry) material after 2 years exactly the same as on the first day only slightly softer but holds up great! Technology as I said great, once it fits, it works The rest takes care of itself, we didn't need any training phase!"


Read more about the experiences of our existing customers here .

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Unimagined training possibilities

Experience how your dog becomes more responsive through front guidance. With STURMFREI® you can experience who your dog really is by eliminating pressure and train behavior by diverting attention.


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