Materials & dimensions L

Strap material

25mm width

Black, brown, red, blue
Front strap: BioThane®
Waist belt: POP - particularly soft (recommended)

Black, brown, red, blue, white
Front strap: BioThane®
Abdominal belt: BioThane®

Lengths of the straps
Front strap: 45 - 52.9 cm
Waist belt: 60 - 84 cm


Dog leashes:

Dog leash RATZFATZ
Total length: 2.5 m, adjustable in length using three D-rings (hook), both ends with carabiners, 25 mm wide, BioThane® or POP band.

Total length: 1.5 m, hand strap on one side, leash carabiner on the other side, 25 mm wide, BioThane® or POP band.

Dog leash CHILL
Total length: 1.8 m, climbing carabiner on one side, line carabiner on the other side, can be hooked onto trousers or abdominal belt, can be shortened to 1.14 m or used as a short guide in the hand (forming a handle instead of hooking onto the abdominal belt): length approx. 130/150 m, 25 mm wide, BioThane® or POP tape.

Other components

  • Shatterproof stainless steel
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Stainless steel carabiner
  • High-quality closers (break-proof up to -20 degrees)
  • Safety seams
  • Front strap heat sealed
  • chrome-plated linen carabiners
  • Stainless steel D-rings

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